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Oh yes, we´re kicking up our heels again and the walls start to crumble.

Not because Forrest Gump paid us a visit but because INFINITYSLIDE is that cool that even the surrounding dirt bows in deference. That is why we have put off everything else just to present this sliding door to you. That is why we have put off everything else just to present this sliding door to you. INFINITYSLIDE can be mounted that simply and intuitively that you can have a cushy number and could easily watch the Forrest Gump movie in the meantime. And that´s why:


The bottom guide for glass can be unfolded in a way that the installation almost goes by itself.


The bottom guide for wood can be adjusted in a way that the door practically takes its place by itself.


The height adjustment is pre-assembled that well that the glass automatically locks in place in the centre.


This fitting more or less cleans itself because it has integrated brushes both in the front and in the rear.

Dirt trap

The running track has an integrated collection channel for any dirt.

The self-cleaning running track.

At the very beginning, any fi tting runs nice and smooth. A good installer cleans the running surface of the track and the rolls of the carriages. Dust and slight dirt accumulate again after a short time, however, for example due to the abrasion of the rollers inside the running track. This can be prevented easily though. But once the dirt sticks to the rollers, this can turn into a problem. They don´t run smoothly any more and moving the sliding door feels like driving on a gravel road.

Our innovative system therefore cleans itself. The brushes on the front and rear of our “self-cleaning carriage” keep everything clean. In this way, the movements of the door seem like its maiden voyage, even after many years – it´ll run even longer than Forrest Gump.

Soft-close with active stopper.

For us, consummate perfection is reached when there is nothing more to leave out.
Things should work quickly and easily. That´s why we have revolutionised the installation of Soft-Close. We have combined activator and stopper into one single component, the “active stopper”. So, no need to mount both parts separately any more. But what is even better: Looking for the right installation position of both parts is no longer required either: We have simply included the right position as a fixed installation. In addition, you don´t need to remember any longer to install the damper “pre-tensioned”. Everything is already done – and that´s “simply onlevelicious”.

Quality that Proves Itself
In this way we make sure that Soft-Close reliably drags the door into the final position, even after many years. And what is more: This gives us the opportunity to provide the smallest door width in the market – if not worldwide: 25 cm door width, including a damper on both sides.

Why did nobody think about anything like this before? Because the ONLEVEL Innovation Hotbed is making a full start with their sliding doors only now.

Clamping Jaw for Glass

Clamping Jaw for Wood

Bottom Guide for Glass

Bottom Guide for Wood


Martyn Eveleigh

Operations Director (UK)

Marcus Lenge

CEO / Marketing and Head of Sales (GmbH)